Once an appointment is made at the door, professional observers will be sent to inspect the environment before the removal.
According to the environment and terrain, adequate packaging cartons and handling equipment will be provided.
All furniture, electrical appliances and other items will be properly packaged before the day of transportation to ensure that customers’ items are best protected. Arrived safely at the destination.
Moving Tenement Building ,Village House Lifting narrow staircases, therefore, most of the large furnitures and electronic applicance are not able to move in via staircase.

Weekdays discount

Office Relocation

In addition to transportation, it includes restoring the office compartment. Sorting the items first, and then processing the computer, equipment, materials, components, and wires.
You need to have considerable knowledge and skills in transportation. The company provides the entire office to move the entire handling process smoothly and properly. Also provide immediate long/short storage service
One-stop Solution for immediate long or short term Mini-Storage Services.

Moving Tips:

  • Before moving, please pack small items, stick tape, and put away valuable items to avoid misunderstandings.
  • We focus on providing the most reassuring service for customers. Use transparent plastic wrap to wrap every item that needs to be shipped (except boxes and bags)
  • carefully fold the assembled furniture with professional skills
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